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Pup Tails


Home of

A Diamond in the Ruff

5366 US Hwy 93 S

Eureka MT 59917

We are so excited to be the new owners at A Diamond in the Ruff. Our chief aim is to continue to give your pups the quality care they have come to enjoy and expect here. 

406-407-3026 Facility Cell

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Front pup yard

Being outside and playing with new furry pals is one of the things our pups like most. Having separate yards makes it possible for everyone to get plenty of play time!


    Back pup yard

    Having 2 pup yards adds a layer of safety too. Not everyone can get along all the time. Personalities sometimes clash. We can rotate groups easily, keeping everyone in their happy place.


      Millie and Yogi

      These were two of our first guests. 

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