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Grooming Excellence: Pamper your pet with our full-service grooming. While we currently have limited appointments, expect nothing less than a spa-like experience for your best friend.

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Prices and questions we will ask when you call.

1.      Your name and best way to contact you?

2.      How many Pup(s)?

3.      Tell us about your pup(s): 

          Name(s), Sex, Age?

          Have they been groomed before? Groomed here before?

         If yes but not here, how did it go?

         Our goal is to make sure we are working to exceed your expectations so please be ready to be as specific as possible.        


Because we are a boarding facility we will also need your up to date immunization records. 

Please double check that your records include a Bordettela* vaccination within 12 months, as many vets only administer it if it is requested. (It is suggested that your pup receives Bordattela after 6 months because every pet is different as far as the time the vaccination is effective)

*Needs to be administered at least 72 hours before arrival.

Prices are dependent on a number of variables.

*If this will be your first time with us, please schedule an evaluation for a specific price quote.

Evaluation                                        no charge

Nails (clip and dremel)                             $22

Bath (includes nails)                     $50 - $80

Full Groom Bath                          $65 - $110



Accepting limited appointments at this time. But we are looking forward to serving your sweet pup(s).

Facility (406)889-5055, Facility Cell (406)407-3026

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