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We strive to make this experience so wonderful that the next time you drive up to leave your pup with us, you are comforted by a tail wagging with expectation!  There are questions we need to ask in order to personalize each pup's experience.

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Pricing and things we will ask when you call.

1 Pup per night                                                 $40

2 Pups per night (in the same house*)        $60

3 Pups per night (in the same house*)        $80

    *if they need to be in seperate houses they will each be charged the single pup fee.


1.  Your name and best way to contact you?

2.  Dates? (Sundays, Holidays, and after hours incur a $35 convenience fee) 

3.  Time of Drop Off, this can be a 1 hour window anytime from 8:am - 5:pm 

      (allow for time to fill out a 1 page form if this will be your first time here.)

      Pick up time is 9:am  - 11:am. If you are going to be later than 11:am you will be charged an additional night.

4.  How many pups?

5.  Have they been boarded before? Boarded here before?

6.  Tell us about your pup(s): 

     Name(s), Sex (Fixed or not), Age, Breed?

5.  Can you tell us more about their temperament?

     Separation anxiety and what it looks like?

     Would your pup(s) try to jump a 4’ fence?

     Have they been socialized with other dogs and people?

6.  Do you have records that they are up to date on immunizations? 

     Would you mind double checking that they have had a Bordetella within 6 months (many vets don't include it unless it is requested)? If not, it needs to be administered at least 72 hours before arrival.


What to Bring :

     Updated immunization record (if applicable)


     Anything that makes your pup(s) happy.


We are so excited to get to meet your pup(s)!

Facility(406)889-5055, Facility Cell (406)407-3026

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